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In the early days, the followers of Jesus were called Followers of the Way. Those who responded to the invitation “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me.” Followers of Jesus were invited to be with Jesus, walk like Jesus and talk like Jesus and hung on to every word of His. He is the Way, the Truth and the Life. Following Him has a path laid out already. The narrow path, as we are told in scripture. 


From the invention of telegraphs, that would be distributed in town squares, to the radio, that would broadcast information along an even further radius, to the television and now social media that spreads information in seconds. Each technological breakthrough has proven to be an instrument that has the potential to propel our mission as followers of Jesus. Each innovation has also as well as the potential to threaten our devotion, compete with our allegiance to Christ. 


We experience and appreciate beauty, brilliance, joy and wonder on social media. We also experience comparison and compromise, hurt and hate, and mental and emotional turbulence from the content we consume and create.  Along the way are distractions that take us off course. The problem is not social media, the problem is rooted in the heart of man and the state of his soul. Now more than ever, we need better rules of engagement and rhythms for online life that protect the work of God within us as he molds us into more faithful followers of Christ.


Faithful Follower delves into our lives as followers in light of eternity and work backwards into the present digital age examining what it means to be a digitally connected follower, remaining anchored to where our true identity lies and our mission on earth as deep, resilient and devoted followers of Jesus no matter what innovation comes next.

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 "I urge you to lean into the truth and wisdom in this book and go on a self-discovery journey to heal and become whole. When you take this journey, like Maria, you will take others along with you, and you will change your world."



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