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Daughter. Follower. Book Lover. Nature Enthusiast. Data Nerd. Cheesecake Connoisseur.



I began The Project Cross in 2013 as a new believer who had just gotten radically set free from years of addictions, darkness, and brokenness. I deeply desired all the people I had walked with before to entirely set free and turn away from the lifestyle we had all lived. With a heart on fire and a slight naivety, I began writing to process what I was learning about being a Christian desperately hoping everyone I knew would catch the same fire too. My heart broke for these souls, and I was desperate to share the antidote for emptiness and brokenness, challenge a generation to take on the call to consecration and holy living and to take on 'ProjectMe,' a project that would only be complete when Jesus returns. That was then. 

I loved the opportunities that that mission and vision presented to share my testimony and the gospel, but I began feeling that there had to be something more than turning away from a Project X lifestyle to that of the cross. I still had remnants of my past I couldn't shake, no matter how great the desire and intentionality to take on that 'ProjectMe.' I began to feel that there had to be something beyond behavior modification to tick off religious boxes and to instead be deeply captivated by the true beauty of Jesus. 

In 2018, I learned to follow. To simply follow Jesus in the every day, sometimes big and dramatic as well as in the simple and mundane moments of life. I began learning being a follower meant becoming a lover and student of God, the Son. To recognize who He was before the beginning of time, who He was on earth, who He will always be for eternity and what the present implications were for me as a follower. I began learning more about how He lived daily, how He interacted with people, how He interacted with the Father and what He said. I began learning how to cling onto His words in the Bible. To talk how He talked and live how He lived. It became an obsession. Learning and leaning on Him. Over those hidden months of learning, I saw some of the things I had been struggling with fall away. In the simplicity of following and in the determination to know Christ and Him crucified, my world and struggles began to change all over again radically. A shift happened, and I went from desiring for people I knew to turn away from a lifestyle and the things of the world and began to believe for them to meet Jesus instead, follow and fall in love with Him and get radically possessed and consumed by Him. 

Over time, I realized. I wasn't my own project. It wasn't 'ProjectMe' . It was project Him. I wasn't my responsibility. I was His. I was loved deeply by God, and He cared about more than me always getting life right and living a perfect Christian life. He was more concerned with where my heart was and who and what consumed my heart, time and devotion. The very hindrances to me being more faithful to Him. I began learning from my failing in the call to follow Jesus. Amid my failures as a follower is the Father who picks me up every single time and invites me to keep following. 

More and more, I've been thinking about what it would be like to live as a faithful follower of the Way like the early disciples, and first apostles did. What would happen? My wholehearted desire is to be a more faithful follower of Jesus Christ. This website is dedicated to this mission. To create a space for the lost, the looking as well as the found. My heart with Faithful Follower is to share what I'm learning about loving and living for Jesus, following His voice, His Word, His presence through the different and sometimes difficult life seasons and to invite you the reader, to press on in loving and following Him.

Maria Mmari Lasoi

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