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The Project Cross | Lord, Where Do You Want To Go Today?

Lord, where do you want me to go today?

I’m not giving you my schedule Lord,

Nor am I giving you my plan,

I realign myself to your heart, and i release what’s in my hand,

I ask that you may take possession of my entire being,

Lord, use this mouth, use these feet, use these hands.

I lighten my emotional and mental load, to always be airborne.

Where do you want to go today Lord?

Perhaps across the lake, to a demon possessed man?

To extend love to that co-worker I can’t stand?

Or maybe today you want to dine with sinners,

To speak life into someone who is still lost?

Do you want to go to the well? Talk to the one everyone ignores?

Or do you have an appointment through me,

With someone that everyone has judged and gossiped about?

Do you just want to go up the mountain, in the stillness of the morning to pray?

Or is there a sick person on today’s path you want to heal?

Is there someone in need Lord?

Someone who the money I had been saving up this week is supposed to provide their meal?

Perhaps you’d fancy touching someone everyone else has been afraid to get close to?

Or need me to be available for someone going through a season of questioning?

Where do you want me to go today Lord?

Who needs me? Better yet, who needs YOU?

I avail myself to be used by you,

I position my head to your bosom,

To sync to the rhythm of your heartbeat,

To gain direction on which way I should go today.

I tune my ear to heaven,

I release the things that have hindered me from being airborne to the winds of your Spirit,

I make myself light, and prepare for take off at your command,

Lord, where do you want us to go today?

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Winnie Warner
Winnie Warner
26 jun 2019

love this !

Me gusta
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